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In 1979 Fred Armstrong, CPCU, and Frank Robitaille, CPCU, entered the insurance agency business providing superior insurance and risk management services to middle market customers.

With a proven formula for success they grew quickly to rank among the top 100 brokerages in the United States. The core values driving the organization were Superior Customer Service, Strong Insurance Company Relationships and Distinguished Employees.

After the agency was purchased by a large commercial bank, the ISO 9000 International Quality Assurance Designation was dropped and many of the systems and controls leading to their previous success were diluted or ignored. These changes were the catalyst for reopening their agency as Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle Business and Insurance Solutions.

With experience in virtually all industry segments ARR understands the specialized needs of a wide range of businesses.

With a unique ‘Checklist Audit System’ they discover gaps and/or duplications in your protection that other brokers overlook.

ARR recognizes that costs associated with risk reach beyond the price of your insurance policy. That is why lowering the overall cost of risk-not simply selecting what appears to be the least expensive policy-is the key to improving your bottom line and long term security.

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