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California Workers Compensation Choice of Physicians

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Choice of Physicians

The Employer makes the initial selection of physician. Generally the insurance company has a medical-provider-network, but the employee can change to a physician of his own choosing after 30 days. An employee may notify his or her employer in writing prior to injury that they have a personal physician and have the right to be treated by their personal doctor after a job related injury.  By statute, a maximum of seven percent of all employees statewide may so pre-designate.  The right to be treated by one’s own doctor at the outset of injury also applies if the employer has failed to post notice of California workers compensation insurance rights as required. If an employer or insurer has established a medical provider network, then under most conditions the employer controls the initial selection of doctors and all care must be provided with the network for the life of the claim.


California Workers Compensation Insurance Top 10 ways to control costs

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

California Workers Compensation Insurance Top 10 ways to control these costs

Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle has been a leader and trusted name in California Workers Compensation Insurance for more than 30 years. You now have access to the broadest base of insurance companies in California. More importantly you have an advocate who will help you manage your workers compensation costs with a variety of services including:

  1. Thorough classification review, let us see if you eligible for optional classes and lower rates? Our database of California Workers Compensation Insurance eligible classifications should be evaluated today, just send us a request for information below and we will be in touch shortly.
  2. Is your 1st aid claim procedure working? Let us help you strengthen this process to reduce your California Workers Compensation Insurance costs.
  3. OSHA compliance services. Have you had a review of your recordkeeping for compliance?
  4. Explore other cost saving strategies from return to work, to safety communication and incentive/awareness plans.
  5. Provide regular California Workers Compensation Insurance claim summaries
  6. Monitor open claims and reserves for reasonableness, prior to the promulgation of your experience modification.
  7. Verification of the California Workers Compensation Insurance experience medication calculation, does your agent share this with you now? Mistakes, duplications happen regularly. Make sure you are not being charged erroneously!
  8. Monitor for claims fraud and aggressive investigation of suspicious claims.
  9. Verify all California Workers Compensation Insurance audits for accuracy and all available discounts.
  10. ARR, the best alternative for California Workers Compensation Insurance.