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Assisted Living Facilities Insurance
Assisted Living Facilities Insurance

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For comprehensive business insurance and risk management solutions
Commercial and Industrial real estate owners and property managers have placed their trust in Armstrong/Robitaille/Riegle for decades. When it comes to meeting the insurance and risk management needs of their business, A/R/R has the proven experience, carrier relationships, and services to help improve safety, reduce losses, and enhance outcomes.

With A/R/R you can expect:
  • Convenience of One-Stop Shopping From worker's compensation, property and casualty, including commercial and industrial real estate professional liability insurance.  We can help with your personal auto, homeowners, life, and more, A/R/R has you covered.
  • Experience and Know-How A/R/R already insures numerous commercial and residential real estate businesses.    We understand your commercial and industrial real estate insurance needs.
  • Competitive Pricing You can count on A/R/R to find the broadest terms at the most competitive rates.

  • Key Coverage
  • Property If you are a commercial real estate owner, you know how important it is to protect your property and income   stream. A/R/R can help you do just that with coverage that offers you more value and options. Coverage can include   Anchor Store(contingent loss of rental income), Access to Premises, Realty Tax, Newly Acquired Property, and Earthquake. And Flood. We specialize in commercial and industrial real estate insurance programs just like yours!
  • Asset Protection This coverage addresses an exposure unique to your industry. This provides an extra layer of   security for real estate owners who use triple net leases to pass responsibility to purchase insurance on the leased   premises to their tenants. Asset Protection provides a contingent coverage in case a tenant fails to secure the   insurance coverage or limits mandated by the leasing contract.
  • General Liability To help address the unique forms of ownership found among commercial and industrial real estate insurance programs, A/R/R offers special enhancements to the general liability to pick up any allied, associated or affiliated entities as they now exist, may have existed or are hereafter constitiuted.  Has your agent talked to you about this?
  • Contract Review To help make sure that your interests are protected, our staff can review your lease agreements to   help identify deficiencies in the insurance and indemnification portions of your contracts with tenants. We can help you   transfer risk to service firms working on your properties too.

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